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Market Mettle is an independent research consultancy.

We supply sales intelligence services that inform subscribers about what's happening in and around their biggest customer accounts. We are employed by sales teams to help them grow and nurture valuable business relationships, by giving knowledge advantage.

We provide detailed and authoritative knowledge and understanding of all the activities happening inside and around major or prospective (growth) customers, helping defend and build these accounts. With our services, your people can:

  • Always impress at any level of engagement -- right up to CxO-level.
  • Know the detail behind customer activities and so better identify and capture new opportunities.
  • Focus and enhance your chances of building additional cross- and up-sell revenue.
  • Be best briefed and positioned to widen relationships with strategic, long-term customers.
  • Keep a closer ear to the ground for any impending threats.

Quite unlike any other resources, we ensure the intelligence you receive closely follows your existing and target customers; delivering directly to your dedicated sales, commercial and operational teams exactly what's happening inside, across and around your major account organisations to ensure you are always expertly briefed.

Our research and analyst teams are established, dedicated and expert across the telecoms and technology sectors. We also have skills across business functions and other markets.

We deliver both Intelligence and Custom Solutions.

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