We provide comprehensive and independent intelligence and insight into global tier-1 telco organisations and their ecosystems where relationships are strategically critical

strategic relationships

Executive Leadership

Strategic relationships have never been so important. For the typical telco supplier, over 50% of revenue comes from just 10 customers. These clients merit long term engagement account status that is all about fostering collaborative partnership between supplier and customer to mutual benefit, synergy and alliance. We ensure you and your people understand your most important customers better than anyone else, so you can confidently deliver on your promises and objectives.

account relationship marketing

Sales & Account Team

Relationships are at the heart of strategic account management. A dedicated multi-functional client team is fundamental because your target customers demand a tailored approach, best achieved through integrated, ongoing, long term programmes. This is difficult but also very worthwhile. We equip you with the insight to assist your team leadership, vision and delivery, as well as your planning, strategy, and internal reporting/briefing.

strategic account relationship marketing

Marketing & Strategy

Customer and Market Insight is vital to building sustainable high value business. We help you map your engagements that truly matter and the market and competitive landscapes in which you and they play. Relationship marketing and communication provide the framework for top performing strategic accounts and delivery of sub-programmes that employ the disciplines best able to deliver awareness, intimacy and traction.

telefonica A short note to say that without a doubt, your reports are more informative than anything I can find within TEF [Telefónica Group]!!! Which is scary.

Global Director, Telefónica


Vodafonewatch is the one service I always get good internal feedback about. It provides valuable information on a timely basis, which is crucial.

Vodafone Account GM, HPE

Smith micro They provide a fast track to knowledge, allowing better focus and effectiveness leading these large, complex accounts

VP EMEA, Smith Micro Software