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Anyone and everyone inside Telefónica

Telefónicawatch gives Telefónica employees the ‘need-to-know’ insight and analysis into everything happening across Telefónica worldwide.

As a Telefónica employee, you can get access under the Telefónica licence, so join your colleagues and sign up now to make sure you know what they know.

Telefónicawatch gives you:

  • Personal advantage; know what you need to know to get ahead.
  • Completely independent insight and an objective view on all of Telefónica’s activities, including Germany, Latin America, Spain and the UK.
  • Perspectives and context you won’t get via internal sources.
  • An authoritative ‘take’ relied on by colleagues up to to Telefónica’s board.

Highly rated by your Telefónica colleagues as better than internal briefings.

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Includes employees at Movistar, O2, Vivo and other Telefónica Group businesses

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“More informative than anything I can find within Telefónica!
Which is scary”

Global Director

“Great overview of what is happening across different areas of the company”
Commercial Innovation Lead

“All you need to be precisely and rigorously updated
about what is going on inside the business”

Communications and Market Intelligence Manager

“Great summary of the status of the company in the market
and easy to read”

Global Account Manager

Everything Telefónica

Unravelled. In one place.

Telefónicawatch delivers unbiased and factual analysis. No other resource covers every aspect of Telefónica’s global ecosystem in a single resource. The depth and breadth of our analysis covers:

  • Telefónica’s operations, both domestical and international.
  • Vital product innovation, transformation, corporate strategy, key supplier and regulatory relationships and other developments.
  • 360-degree view on the inner workings of Telefónica.
  • The facts. Uninfluenced by internal comms, PR spin, media preconception or any biased agenda.
  • Telefónica people movements. Keep track of the movers and shakers.
  • Analysis of Telefónica’s entire supplier ecosystem.

Insight into Telefónica’s strategy so you can confidently talk with the people that really count.

Trusted by Telefónica people for nearly 15 years

Telefónicawatch is relied on and highly rated by senior management and individuals inside Telefónica globally — in every department and across every function.

Anyone who wants to get ahead inside Telefónica is a Telefónicawatch user.

“For me, the service is so helpful in my job”
Planning and Technology Lead

“I continue to learn more from Telefónicawatch
than I do from internal comms teams!”


“Keeps me up to date with info I wouldn’t normally get”
Head of Value-Added Services

“Overview of all significant activities from the outside of Telefónica”
Global Account Manager

Including top management…

Telefónicawatch is so detailed that even the C-Suite at Telefónica subscribe (and tell us they regularly spot things they weren’t aware of…).

As a Telefónica employee, your access is already covered, so join the Telefónica club today and use Telefónicawatch each month to accelerate your career, relationships and position of influence.

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  • It’s perfect just before that important meeting.
  • In fact, it’s just perfect.

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Sign up under Telefónica’s licence.

Includes employees at Movistar, O2, Vivo and other Telefónica Group businesses.

You will need a valid work email address and by signing up, you agree to our terms and privacy policy.

“Very useful for the perspective, reach and ambition”
Deputy Director

“Thorough information that’s always current”
Head of Global Accounts

“Gives me the insider information and the market perspective”

“I get more info out of Telefónicawatch than from internal channels”
Data Amabassador

““I find the Telefónicawatch reports perfect”
Communications & Market Intelligence Manager