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The advantage of truly knowing your customer

We help suppliers to create, develop and defend strategic relationships and revenue streams with tier-1 telco organisations, by helping them truly ‘know’ and understand their customer.

This is a win-win for telcos, who need and increasingly demand that their suppliers deeply know and care about them as a business as well as a customer.

Who uses these services?

Your leading competitors — current and future…

Aside from thousands of users at tier-1 telcos, our clients and users typically work at telco suppliers where the emphasis and attention is on their customer (and far more so than ‘just sales’).

Clients include leading incumbent and challenger players across the industry, from the largest network and technology firms, right the way across to the telcos’ auditors and advertising agencies.

The most common characteristics of our users are not role, seniority or geography, but intellectual curiosity, commercial acumen, competence, and ambition.

Our services are unbeatable if you’re looking to create, nurture, develop or protect your strategic relationships with the industry’s largest telcos.

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Thousands of users globally are enhancing their strategic relationships and growing their account revenue across four of the world’s largest telcos, thanks to our unrivalled insights.

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For nearly 20 years, we’ve been delivering our monthly Telcowatch releases to users around the world, and helping people just like you to get ahead of the game.

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