You are a BT / EE / Openreach supplier:

You are a BT / EE / Openreach supplier:

Do More Business with BT

Do More Business with BT

Find more leads.
Be more relevant & informed.
Grow your BT revenues.

BTwatch gives you exclusive insight and analysis into what’s happening across and inside the whole of BT, including EE and Openreach.

From organisational changes, people movements and deals, to financials, operations and strategy — we analyse it all in depth.

BT employees regularly tell us that BTwatch is what they rely on for the inside-track across their business, and that it’s far better and more complete than internal briefings.

Learn how BTwatch can help your sales teams today.

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Includes some of the latest insights into BT, shared from the full BTwatch reports

Insights you can’t get anywhere else

Everything BT. Expertly covered. In one place.

Key people tracked

Key People Tracked

People moves, orgcharts, and reorgs captured and analysed. Don’t get blindsided.


Financials Scrutinised

Where is BT investing (or not)? Delve behind the smoke and mirrors so you can ‘Follow the Money’.


Suppliers Evaluated

BT’s entire ecosystem unwrapped. Spotlight on supplier activity, deals, wins and losses (including your rivals).

Technology Developments

Technology Development & Adoption Assessed

The latest on operational and cutting-edge innovation. What’s hot, what’s not, and who’s helping along the way.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning Uncovered

BT’s strategy isn’t always communicated externally. Uncover key developments to understand BT’s objectives.

Commercial & Operations

Commercial & Operational Activity Analysed

Get the inside information to help you to tune into the highs and lows of key activity on the ground.

Division & Group Functions

Divisions & Group Functions Laid Bare

In-depth analysis into every BT line of business, function and division to understand BT’s changing internal dynamics.

Alliances & Partnerships

Alliances & Partnerships Unwrapped

Keep appraised of influential and strategic relationships, and how these present an opportunity or threat.

Competitive Environment

Competitive Environment Mined

Identify where BT is focusing, winning and hurting to align your team for success.

Change & Disruption Flagged

BT is transforming rapidly. We identify the opportunities and threats this poses for you.


M&A Contextualised

The real stories are often in the detail. All of BT’s M&A activity, and its implications, mined and contextualised.

Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory & Compliance Explained

We make sense of these arcane but defining factors for telcos to give you the bigger picture.

“Unique insights from your experts who are able to dig below the surface”
Product Manager

“Probably the most complete report on BT available;
saves me a huge amount of time”

Global Account Director

“Insightful content.
Helps to keep an eye on the company and is good read generally”


“Very complete with information that is interesting
(not crap to fulfil a report)”

General Manager

“Detailed and relevant intel on a key client –
invaluable for a consulting firm working
extensively with BT.”

— Director, Deloitte

Who uses BTwatch?

Anyone who’s anyone inside BT uses BTwatch

BTwatch is essential reading for individuals, teams and organisations looking to create, maintain, develop, and extend lasting strategic relationships across BT, EE and Openreach.

Suppliers are getting ahead thanks to BTwatch by using the same insight relied on by BT employees.

The service is invaluable for:

  • BT, EE and Openreach employees.
  • Account teams within BT’s biggest, incumbent suppliers.
  • Challenger vendors and account managers looking to become embedded within BT.
  • Startups, VCs, Investment banks… any vested stakeholder.

Case study:

Even the biggest suppliers don’t know it all

One of BT’s largest suppliers told us over lunch that they thought their business and revenue within BT had become saturated.

However, after analysing the intelligence and data uncovered within BTwatch, they stumbled across a BT function unreported elsewhere.

Their teams adjusted their strategy and solutions and began to knock on the doors of this new department.

As a result, new business started to flow again.

That’s the power of using BTwatch.

BTwatch case study #1

Know your customer better

Be part of the ‘inside club’ and change your conversations with BT

“From one copy of BTwatch, I set up 8 calls,
arranged 4 meetings and secured 1 deal”

Senior Director

“It’s the thoroughness of the coverage allied to a thorough understanding of its implications to BT that makes BTwatch so useful”
Senior Analyst

“Detailed and relevant intel on a key client – invaluable for working extensively with BT.”

“Comprehensive coverage of all things BT”
Product Manager


“It’s the thoroughness of the coverage, allied to a thorough understanding of its implications to BT that make BTwatch so useful.

It brings together all the content from BT, with all the content about BT to offer a rounded picture of what’s going on and why.”

— Senior Analyst, Huawei

Can’t I just ‘Google’ this analysis?

In short: No

When you see the insight that’s available from BTwatch, you’ll agree. You simply can’t get this anywhere else.

Account teams who use BTwatch would previously spend many hours looking for, verifying and validating, analysing, and sharing reliable intelligence and data for their account plans.

We do this all day, every day. It’s our day-job and we do it really well. We know BT better than BT know themselves — we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been told by BT people that our insight has beaten BT’s own internal communications.

It’s no wonder our BT supplier clients renew ever year. They now have extra time and information advantage, to do more selling and nurture the key people of tomorrow.

Case study:

Don’t get blindsided

BTwatch in action 2

A major BT supplier got blindsided when its Head of Telco discovered in BTwatch that the person they relied on as their ‘key contact’ had been fired.

If the team had been using BTwatch regularly, the clues were obvious for many months.

It is now a requirement to use BTwatch regularly, and the team are again growing their revenue streams with BT.

That’s the power of using BTwatch.

Join BT’s ‘inside club’

BTwatch does all the legwork for you

If you’re a supplier selling into BT, BTwatch can help you:

  • Decide where to direct your resource and focus your team so that you’re being as effective as possible to hit your targets.
  • Get everyone’s ‘head inside BT’s world’ and calibrate your goals to ensure your distributed team are united.
  • Ensure you’re competing on a level playing field (your competitors use BTwatch…).

Need a hand pitching the BTwatch business case internally?

We can help here, too.

Just enter your details, and we’ll be in touch…

Learn how BTwatch can transform your Account Team

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BTwatch pricing

Get access for 12 months (minimum 10 reports per year)

Medium Team

Up to 10
Licensed Users

Key Account Team


Large Team

Up to 50
Licensed Users

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Up to 150
Licensed Users

Global Account Team



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Upgrade your BT team now

Get it on your computer, browser, phone, tablet, or print

  • It’s perfect travel-reading.
  • It’s perfect preparation for that critical meeting or RFP where you need strategic talking points.
  • It’s perfect for Account Planning and briefing your boss on the latest customer moves.

Once you’ve had a look, let’s talk about how to get you and your team using BTwatch actively and making a real difference to your goals

Get in touch to discuss getting access to BTwatch:

Case study: BTwatch in action

Generating a tangible return on investment.

A strategic and laser-focused account director systematically combs through every edition of BTwatch as soon as it’s released, using the insight he gathers to generate a series of proactive client emails.

He creates each email within a Salesforce campaign. He can then generate monthly ROI by reporting that last month he sent 20 emails using our insight, had 8 responses, arranged 4 meetings and secured 1 deal.

Embedding this habit of actively using BTwatch every month pays off. It opens doors, demonstrates a level of knowledge and credibility with BT, and speeds up sales.

That’s the power of using BTwatch.

“Insights and deep knowledge about how BT is changing.
Very helpful intelligence.”

Business Development and ABM Manager

“A holistic view of BT’s various entities
from a business and technological viewpoint”

Customer Operations Leader

“So relevant to what I am doing with BT.
Great stuff.”

Client Director

“It’s very useful to hear about other parts of BT,
particularly from an external perspective”

Strategy Director


“Using the info from one copy of BTwatch I set up 8 calls, arranged 4 meetings and secured 1 deal.”

— Sector Director, Cloudera