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We offer the only telco marketing channel that has the reach and influence to communicate directly with tens of thousands of high value, opted-in and totally engaged key influencers and decision makers inside BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone.

As an industry-leading B2B publisher and content marketing specialist, we can make you famous inside telcos:

  • Raise your brand awareness and profile.
  • Change the customer perception of what you are known for.
  • Enable you to pivot and re-position your telco solutions.
  • Be known by the telcos as the go-to partner in your segment.
  • Make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Even the largest telco suppliers can only reach a few hundred siloed people. We will help you influence an entire organisation. We will get you into the offices and minds of these key individuals, even when their diaries are blocked out for months.

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Unmatched channel and audience

Getting you into parts of telcos you didn’t think possible…

Reaching anyone who’s anyone inside BT, DTAG, Telefónica and Vodafone…

… all the way to board level…

Market Mettle Reach: orgchart

… across every OpCo and geography, giving you truly global reach…

… and every department and function, giving you the engagement you require…

… among an audience of key stakeholders and decision-makers like no other

“Sponsorship of Vodafonewatch gave us additional credibility with the customer. The Telcos use the service themselves so it was a smart way to expand the footprint into and around these major Telco accounts. Every dollar was well spent”

Account ManagerDell EMC

Totally engaged, opted-in audience

It doesn’t get any better

Not only do we reach tens of thousands of telco end-users, but they also love our insight, giving you the ultimate channel to a highly-targeted and fully-engaged audience for your brand and messaging.

They rate it so highly that we maintain a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) from telco users of 80+.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Why do telcos use our insight?

Over the last 15 years we’ve become the trusted voice in big telco

People are insatiably interested about where they work, and telco employees are no different. They want to learn more about their own vast organisations, but struggle as internal communications are inadequate.

Our users regularly tell us that our insight is what they rely on for the inside track. Even the C-suites and board members are avid fans.

Why? Large organisations consist of People, Politics, Agendas and Silos.

We cut through all of these agendas and we’re not contrived or sensationalist. This gives our users independent, comprehensive and reliable insight into their entire business, uncovering things even their own C-suites are unaware of.

As such, we are the industry-leading authority on big telcos, and our premium audience keeps on growing, day-by-day.

  • People — Knowledge is power and advantage. Our users tell us that getting our insights helps them to work better, climb faster, network more effectively, and be seen as the one ‘in the know’. This gives them value and currency.
  • Agenda — Collectively, people are committed to an organisation. Individually, they have their own agenda. Users turn to us for the ‘facts’ as to what’s really going on inside their business.
  • Politics — Information sharing is far too often based on who you know or your pay grade. Internal channels only share what they want to or are told to share, and the information is usually sanitised. As it travels down the organisation, it is ‘fed’; as it rises, it is ‘presented’. That’s why telco people rely on us for the real picture.
  • Silos — People only hear about what’s happening inside their area. We break through these communication barriers, reliably giving our users everything they need and want to know about their organisation, all in one place. It’s why they tell us that our insight is better than internal briefings!

How can I reach this audience?

We reach the parts of telcos no other mechanism can reach

Market Mettle reach

We’re uniquely positioned to harness our audience and our knowledge of the telco world to provide account-based marketing services that make best use of your budget and really move the dial.

  • We’re specialist telco content marketers

  • We have an engaged and growing audience of 50k+ telco execs

  • We own unique the distribution mechanisms

Working in partnership, we’ll help you create the angle to tell your story to the right audience and engage with them.

No other company in the world has this combination of assets, or even comes close.

How can you help me?


If you’re targeting telcos, we have the channel, ready-made audience and distribution to place your brand, portfolio and messaging directly in front of their key minds.


Stand out above the competition inside telcos by sponsoring sections, audience segments or hot topics that you want to be associated e.g. 5G, Assurance or Advisory.


If you want to be known or famous for an area, event, initiative, or something else, talk to us about our partnering options.


Tap into our content and Telcowatch publications for ready-made, proven high-quality content. Use articles we produce as quality, insightful and engaging interest-led marketing.


Much like sponsoring content we already produce, you can underwrite new and extended research and coverage in an area critical to you, delivered to our audience in ‘association’ with your brand.

Feature content

Have you identifed a new or hot topic area you’d like to tap into? Use us to research, track, analyse and produce content on the developments globally, e.g. Telco Futures. You can then associate with this thought-leadership to educate your people internally, your customers, and your prospects.

Marketing by association

Wrap your brand around our insight into a specific domain or area you wish to be associated with, e.g. IoT or security, reinforced with messaging, advertising, etc.

Targeting, demand-gen

Identification and mapping around key people, departments, functions and decision-makers that you are looking to target or raise awareness.


Ongoing, regular, premium content generation expertly produced and, most importantly, that ‘clicks’ with your most valuable customers and prospects.

Be famous inside telcos

Whether you’re a new supplier looking to to break in or expand your reach, or an established vendor with ambition to sell more into a big telco, we’ve more than ten years’ experience helping the hungriest suppliers to ‘tell their story’ inside telco, reach influencers, and initiate conversations with the individuals who really matter to help them grow their accounts.

Get in touch to learn more, and we can demonstrate the extraordinary growth we’ve helped deliver for others.

“Given its popularity inside Vodafone, there is nothing like it if you want to raise your brand visibility and to support growing business with Vodafone globally”


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