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Is your value lost in translation?

Drive your customers’ perception using highly-targeted content

As an industry-leading B2B publisher and content marketing specialist, we bridge the language barrier so your target audience can really understand who you are, what you offer, why it’s cool, and why you’re different from your competition.

We know how to create content that stands out and engages your target audiences.

If you need help planning, positioning and communicating your value, we can help there, too.

We also have an unrivalled distribution channel, which means your key messages can actually reach and impact key stakeholders.

Whether you’re in marketing, sales, AR, IR, PR or an executive leading a large telco account, we can help you achieve strategic relevancy with your customer.

Let’s get you famous inside telco

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We understand your challenges:

(and can help)

You can’t influence every end‑customer Your marketing is limited to a few expensive events You’re brilliant, your solutions are amazing, but your prospects don’t know it You need a credible platform to distribute key messages and reach beyond a handful of direct contacts You want a platform that delivers engagement and sales, not just ‘clicks’ bought with Amazon vouchers You’ve got the automation system, but are struggling to create the content needed to ‘feed the machine’ You’d like to do something that’s not just the ‘me-too’ approach to ABM

You can’t influence every end‑customer

Your marketing is limited to a few expensive events

You’re brilliant, your solutions are amazing, but your prospects don’t know it

You need a credible platform to distribute key messages and reach beyond a handful of direct contacts

You want a platform that delivers engagement and sales, not just ‘clicks’ bought with Amazon vouchers

You’ve got the automation system, but are struggling to create the content needed to ‘feed the machine’

You’d like to do something that’s not just the ‘me-too’ approach to ABM

Create powerful content and watch your audience grow…

It’s noisy out there…

…and everyone seems to be doing the same type of content

Our leading publisher-quality telco content will fuel your ABM systems and:

1. Click with your target audience.

2. Drive customer relevancy.

3. Tell your stories.

Market Mettle: Create Content

Content is both Art and Science

Translation and objectivity are crucial

  • B2B marketing is too often tactical and product-focused, and can feel like contrived push-marketing.
  • Understanding what you do, and ‘translating’ it in a way that your customer understands and appreciates is key.
  • We like to start at the heart of things, drawing on the over-arching stories that make your business, positioning and portfolio interesting and draw your prospects in.
  • Sales and technology people tell stories, one-to-one. We like to tap these goldmines and turn these stories into great content that can be shared one-to-many.

Give it to expert content producers

  • We’re a publisher: let us produce your content so you can focus on what you’re best at.
  • Our content solutions will provide you with high-end content.
  • We have all the skills, including researchers, writers and editors.
  • We save you effort and time, money, distraction, and resource overhead.
  • Low-touch, low-maintenance and more cost-effective than producing content yourself not nearly as well.

Quality and consistency

  • We understand tech and telecoms, and, most importantly, your telco audience and their world.
  • Content we produce is always authoritative and compelling, meaning your target audience engages.
  • The quality of our content means your internal sign-off becomes easier.

Feed the content-hungry marketing machines

This is where our Content-as-a-Service will deliver for you.

Using content for marketing is incredibly powerful, but there is a steep and expensive learning curve when doing everything internally or managing multiple traditional agencies, pressuring critical resources.

The classic scenario with content marketing and ABM is:

  • 1


    Set off all-guns-blazing, investing heavily in systems and platforms.

  • 2

    Quick wins

    Make a promising, hard-won start


  • 3

    High maintenance

    Realisation that it’s a challenge to sustain, with the production effort getting ‘tired’ and fading.

  • 4

    Quality suffers

    You can only do so much with limited resources (after all, you’re not a ‘publisher’)


  • 5

    Deliver what you can, when you can

    You’re hopefully doing ‘OK’, but you could be doing much better; you’re sold on content and ABM as the answer to your marketing challenges, but also very aware that you need help to make it really work…

Produce content for all your marketing activities

To achieve ongoing impact and success, your content must deliver value to your target audience, as well as stand out and displace the competition to win mindshare.

This is what we do for B2B marketers focused on top customers and strategic market segments.

  • We work with clients on content projects and programmes, focus on what ‘clicks’ with your target audience.
  • We focus on helping you with your critical content, helping you to stand-out and win lasting engagement.
  • Where required, we will work with you on content strategy and planning (situation/goal, content audit, positioning, messaging, tone, brand, targeting, calendar, measurement, etc.) and integrating with your martech, agencies, etc.
  • We can combine with your own internally-generated content, e.g. leveraging corporate, geographic and market vertical assets.
  • We look to make content work as hard as possible, including potential to extend across hero and funnel applications, and multiple media.

Hero content

Looking for insight and thought-leadership content, such as case studies, major articles/posts, CxO interviews, downloads?

Funnel content

Need multiple, granular, interrelated content, e.g. for your website, blog, social campaign and demand-gen elements?


You want to be hands-on but need help to enhance, polish and finalise your content, such as bringing new strategy and propositions to life

Enhancement + Adaptation

You provide initial content inputs, and we’ll enhance, articleise, customerise, etc.


Tap into our content and Telcowatch publications for ready-made, proven high-quality content

Content Strategy + Ideation

Helping you with content and major customer ABM strategy and planning, including audits, workshops, team meetings, etc.

Content feeds

Looking for a reliable, delegated supply of top-quality content that hits the mark every time?

Newsletters + Portals

Content for your newsletters and portals; outsourcing keeps the emphasis on the audience


Looking for a way to really stand out with your target audience? Work with us to create a content destination that makes you synonymous with your strategic area

Internal and external comms

Leftfield: we can cover you; done well, this creates compelling content for internal and external audiences

Event coverage

This can be your event, or a third-party you’d like to be associated with; either way, the opportunity is to take the highlights of the event to people who weren’t there, giving you long-tail event RoI

Focusing on your very top customers and segments

With enterprise and technology suppliers to telcos, it is not unusual to see the Pareto Principle in action.

This can see 80% of sales coming from 20% of customers, and it can be as pronounced as 50%-plus from just a handful.

This makes top customers massively important, with the very largest capable individually of ‘moving the dial’ for a quarter or the year, and underpinning the long-term.

So, why not focus on the customers that pay your bills? Not least because it is easier to grow an existing customer than acquire a new one.

We focus on your elite customers and can help:

  • Your marketers and commercial teams tasked with maintaining and developing the top telco accounts and strategic market segments.
  • You focus on your biggest opportunities through opportunity-led marketing.
  • Make you ‘famous’ inside your biggest telco customers and prospects, and enable you to deliver account growth and status.

Change the perception telcos have of what you do

We help you to educate your telco prospects by engaging through quality content they value and want

Often, telcos don’t even know who you are, or you’re ‘pigeon holed’ for what you made famous in the past (i.e. what you used to do), and trying to change that perception is a massive challenge.

Maybe you’ve worked out that your biggest opportunity is tapping into the telco’s own wider ecosystem, i.e. their enterprise and partner challenges.

Or you now have a very different positioning and portfolio, or have remade yourself through acquisitions.

Even if telcos know your brand, selling to them when they don’t ‘get’ what you do (or think you do something else) is hard, slow, and frustrating, and means you’re always swimming against the tide.

Get in touch now to learn more, and we can demonstrate the extraordinary growth we’ve helped deliver for others.

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