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Commercial Activity

Disruption and Innovation

Vendor Relationships


Strategic Alliances

Organisation Structure

People Movements

Competitive Environments

Financial Performance

Group Functions

Technology Development

Mergers and Acquisitions


Operations and Regulations

Sample content from Vodafonewatch

Another Vodafone Group signal of coming partner platform refit

Vodafone Chief IT Systems Architect Lester Thomas used industry body TM Forum’s recent Digital Transformation World 2019 (DTW 2019) trade show to expound on how the Group is seeking to open application programming interfaces (API) to support platform business models, and improve appeal as a partner for the 5G era.

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Vodafonewatch – release #177

Vodafonewatch #177 (July 2019): Vodafone quietly exits Iran; Vodafone backs Libra, a digital currency planned by Facebook; Another Vodafone Group signal of coming partner platform refit; Vodafone Idea set to relinquish first Metro stronghold; Vodacom shifts to ‘International’ enterprise play; plus Vodafone people, Vodafone suppliers, Vodafone deals.

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We use the Watch publications to update the Global Account teams on what are the current trends and activities of the customers, but also to leverage our brand awareness through our sponsorship of the publications.

Global Client Director - Vodafone, EMC

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