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Just some of our clients

What our clients say

We are the industry leading authority on Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and BT.

Our TelcoTitans publications have been well received for the last 15 years across internal Telco audiences.

We are trusted and relied upon for our insight for key influencers and decision-makers deciding the future of the big four, with an engaged audience of thousands.

Here’s what just some of our clients say about us:

Need more? There’s plenty of testimonials for you below.

Whether you’re a new telco supplier looking to to break in or expand your reach, or an established supplier with ambition to sell more into one of the big four, we’ve been helping the hungriest suppliers to tell their story inside telco, reach influencers and start conversations with the individuals which matter to grow their accounts for over 10 years.

Just some of our plaudits are below:

“We have a story in telco, and you’re the team to help us tell it”

Senior Vice-PresidentIngram Micro

“Given its popularity inside Vodafone, there is nothing like it if you want to raise your brand, visibility and to support growing business and relationships with Vodafone globally”


“Thanks to sponsorship, we now have an ecosystem of brand awareness for Allot in main European operators”

Sales DirectorAllot

“By sponsoring and using the ‘Watch series’ we grew our business with a global top-5 telco by over 250%. The best account marketing decision we ever made. Outstanding ROI when you need to be relevant to your big telco customer.”

Global Account DirectorVMware

“We are reliably informed that everyone in Vodafone read this circulation and it seems a very effective way to target our Vodafone market”


“Very useful regular summary of what’s happening across the Group. It’s good to hear about other parts of BT, particularly from an external perspective”

Strategy DirectorBT

“Deutsche Telekomwatch is providing a solid insight and also reflects the outside view on DT’s developments – highly valuable!”

Senior ManagerDeutsche Telekom

“A short note to say that without a doubt, your reports are more informative than anything I can find within TEF!!! Which is scary.”

Global DirectorTelefonica Group

“Vodafonewatch is perfect, the best report about Vodafone I know”

Director of Mobile ServicesVodafone

“I like it when you interpret what BT are saying or doing, along the lines of ‘this is what this means’, or ‘that is what they are saying, but it doesn’t make sense because…’ Pointing out the strategic or contradictory nature of, say, SDN [alongside the press release] is what gives your publication a value add.”

Head of Risk, Regulation, and ComplianceBT

Case study: Dell EMC

Problem: Customer Perception & Repositioning
Solution: Account-Based Marketing inside the telco customer (260% growth in 5 years)

“You’re EMCyou’re the Storage Guys… you just do storage”

Dell EMC

“Sponsorship of Vodafonewatch gave us additional credibility with the customer. The telcos use the service themselves so it was a smart way to expand the footprint into and around these major telco accounts. Every dollar was well spent.”

General Account ManagerDell EMC

EMC came to us because they were having a problem engaging with and having the right conversations inside a Tier-1 Telco.

As a not insignificant vendor, they’d ‘get the meetings’, but, in these meetings, the people just couldn’t get beyond what made EMC famous: storage “You’re the Storage guys and we buy storage from you”.

Telco clients didn’t appreciate the much wider and ongoing expansion of EMC’s portfolio and offered through a federation of acquired organisations, including backup and recovery, cloud infrastructure, big data analytics, and security.

We partnered the telco team at EMC for 5 years to help shift perceptions inside key telcos.

The primary telco customer account that we worked with grew its revenue by over 260% in this 5 year period and cemented a position as leader in the IT category.

“The investment was a no-brainer for 5 million customer page/logo views per annum. With this enhanced brand awareness, the conversations with the telcos changed remarkably where new conversations started outside of the traditional IT departments. These opportunities led to new business but more importantly a new perception across the customer of our organisation…

I would highly recommend to any organisation that wants to enhance their brand within the telecoms marketplace to take the opportunity to sponsor the Market Mettle Watch publications as there is no other marketing initiative that can reach the key people in your customers more effectively for the low level of investment. Great return on investment.”

Senior DirectorDell EMC

“It’s the thoroughness of the coverage, allied to a thorough understanding of its implications to BT that make it so useful. It brings together all the content from BT with all the content about BT, to offer a rounded picture of what’s going on and why.”

Senior AnalystHuawei

“An excellent sales resource providing a consolidated view of activity within the target organisation. It provides insights and analysis that help shape the sales strategy and identify emerging opportunities.”

Vice-President, Sales ADVA Optical Networking

“Deutsche Telekomwatch is filled with great insights, some brilliant little nuggets, and ensures you’re kept fully up-to-speed with all the developments that are taking place across the DT organization”

Head of Business DevelopmentDeutsche Telekom

“Great overview of what’s happened across the business with external perspective and sometimes interesting messages from sponsors.”

Head of QualityVodafone

“I use Telefónicawatch for all news about Telefónica in all countries. It is difficult to have time to see all and having all them together is fantastic.”

Sales DirectorAllot

“The reports have insights and actionable information that is not publicly available”


“This is by far the best report on what Vodafone is up to, planning to do and has done. Valuable for day to day plans and insights”

Sales ManagerNokia

“A great tool to know what’s happening within BT & the wider industry. Good stuff.”


“I get more info out of the Telefónicawatch report than from internal channels”

Head of DataTelefónica

“Telefónicawatch provides a unique understanding of Telefónica and its ecosystem, was a fantastic business trump card in all my “C”-level meetings”

General Account ManagerDell EMC

Case study: Sun (Oracle)

Challenge: Low engagement & Traffic
Solution: Relevant, engaging, quality content

Feed the Machine with quality content and the traffic comes

In 2007, Sun Microsystems’ Vodafone Global Customer team wanted to demonstrate ‘customer intimacy’ with Vodafone.

They built, a (very) expensive bespoke customer portal to house their global framework details and pricing, arrangements, team members’ contact details, etc.

The idea was to demonstrate how committed they were to Vodafone, which makes sense for a $300m-value customer account.

The problem was that Vodafone people rarely visited the portal.

We licenced our Vodafone-specific content, and worked with their account marketing team to integrate this with their portal and customer communications, and, guess what… traffic spiked and engagement rocketed.

[Sun was acquired by Oracle in 2010.]

“In 2006, I took the opportunity to sponsor Vodafone executives’ copies inside Vodafone, whilst running the account at Sun Microsystems. Just 1 year after, in 2007, we won the Vodafone CSR Award, followed by the Vodafone Supplier of the Year award in 2008!”

Vice-PresidentSun Microsystems (now Oracle)

“The team does a great job in researching individual units, their approach, strategy, financial outlook and impact of market trends and events affecting BT, then encapsulating these in an overall report. BTwatch has been used by me and my team in preparation of key meetings with our clients, supporting internal planning activities and generally keeping as abreast (and making us look clever!) of the key movements in the account.”

Account Development DirectorMastek

“Even if you deal with a global customer on a daily base, you’ll never get all the news. The Watch-reports are a short and well structured overview of what is happening within the customer. I love to read them during a flight, coming of the plane with new ideas for my customer.”

General Account ManagerDell EMC

“Very useful for being up to date with market activities and how those may impact what we do”


“Probably the most concise report on BT available, saves a huge amount of time compared to researching all the information separately”

Global Account DirectorNetApp

“End 2 end visibility from a trusted third party on whats going on in my main customer from a global perspective”


“Very insightful. And easy to understand at same time.”


“Timely, relevant, actionable information. You know what we need, and I like that you bring the key highlights so that I can focus on the right topics.”

Client PartnerTech Mahindra

“This is by far the best report on what Vodafone is up to, planning to do and has done. Valuable for day to day plans and insights.”

Sales ManagerNokia

“Telefónicawatch gives me the insider information and the market perspective”

Deputy DirectorTelefónica

“I find it really interesting as an outside perspective and objective opinion. It is often far too easy get “siloed” in your department or function, Group or OpCo, so it’s useful to have an overview of the wider business, activities and developments going on.”

Finance GraduateVodafone

Case study: Real thought leadership

Challenge: Strategy in motion
Solution: Converting Learning & Insights into ABM

Targeted Content to Educate and Engage Key Stakeholders

Internal as well as external

We were asked to provide insight and support around what was happening and who was doing what in cloud, and feed this into the client’s overall strategy and development for its biggest service provider customers.

‘Cloud’ had only just started to become the umbrella term, and even pioneers were still ‘working it out’ and winging it. At the time, the client  wasn’t even clear to how to position themselves or present their propositions.

We started producing ‘Watch’ content on cloud for them, researching and analysing everything happening around the world, including poorly-covered geographies (and languages) where plenty of the most interesting stuff happens. We turned this into regular digital outputs, including monthly reports, which were deployed as collateral to engage:

  • The champions, decision-makers and sponsors of cloud deployments and infrastructure purchases inside major telco and other service provider customers, i.e. Account-Based Marketing.
  • The client’s own internal teams, by providing cloud market competitive and landscape intelligence and insight, so they ‘knew their stuff better than the competition’.
  • The client’s board and others, to educate and assist the people formulating global strategy, planning, and major investment (incl. M&A).

This was fantastic showcase content: engaging, standout, relevant and laser-targeted.

Today, with a programme like this, we’ll also spin up an online web property to provide a destination and hub, along with carrying out the research and content production. this provides clients with a turnkey solution to achieve subject-matter authority that sucks in (and maintains interest of) the target audience.

“Your reports give me a global vision of what is coming and what is happening now in the telco world, and if this could affect me”

Business ManagerIngram Micro

“I find your reports to be the most thorough and in-depth in the industry. There is no better source of information to stay current.”


“Provides me with a comprehensive overview of important DT activities within a single source, saving me time having to search for it”

Systems EngineerJuniper Networks

“Vodafonewatch is the place to go to get unique insights about what is happening in the Vodafone Group. It combines in-depth articles, covering the different Opcos, with unbiased information that provides an accurate and global perspective about Vodafone.”

Head of MarketingCelfocus

“I use Deutsche Telekomwatch to get all the news in one place. No need to search somewhere else for up to date info over the company.”

Global Delivery ManagerDeutsche Telekom

“Really detailed overview of activity across the business that I would not otherwise have visibility of”

Client DirectorBT

“I think Vodafonewatch is almost an intelligence report. Not sure how you manage to get all that information but it’s even more detailed and complete from the information we get internally.”

Commercial ManagerVodafone

“My best insight into the bigger picture at BT. Provides detailed and relevant intel on a key client, [which is] invaluable for a consulting firm working extensively with BT.”


“The Watch series gives our sales professionals the insight that they need to create more ‘insightful’ conversations, which can help to radically transform customer relations”

Strategic Account ManagerNokia

“Vodafonewatch has great insight! Best place to hear about what’s happening in the market but also inside my own company.”

Global Bid ManagerVodafone

Case study

Challenge: Maximise event attendance and RoI
Solution: Event promotion and Special Report coverage

Event Coverage:
Juniper Network’s BT Innovation Day

Our role

  • Advertise and promote event to BT people, to help generate awareness and drive attendance inside BT.
  • Event attendance, covering all keynotes, interviewing key stakeholders from Juniper and BT, and capturing the themes and essence of the day with in-depth coverage of the event.

Client value

  • Marketers receive a plethora of material to roll out and reuse over time, greatly extending the reach and lifecycle of the event.
  • Sales teams provided with welcome opening to invite, follow-up and talk to their key contacts.

All in all, an excellent way to greatly extend RoI, reach and impact from organising an event.

“I have to say the BTwatch is quite helpful for my job, it’s a professional marketing insight”

Software EngineerHuawei

“The reports are comprehensive, comprehensible, simple”

Vice-PresidentDeutsche Telekom

“You do a great job uncovering key info – don’t know how you do it!!”

Global Account ManagerGemalto

“I use Telefónicawatch for the perspective it gives, and the reach and ambition”

Deputy DirectorTelefónica

“Vodafonewatch is a very useful service to know what is going on within the Vodafone group”

Global Account DirectorHPE

“BTwatch is a good summary of all key events, plans, initiatives and people changes”

Managing DirectorBT

“Great summary of the status of the company in the market and easy to read quickly”

Global Account ManagerTelefónica

“I was surprised by the depth of the level of insights you have into the business. A good, rounded yet independent review that keeps me up to date!”

Global HeadVodafone

“Deutsche Telekomwatch provides very good insights into our Organisation and business development.”

DirectorDeutsche Telekom

“I discover many Vodafone friends read it. Many learn themselves things [they] are not aware about their global management or other countries duties and vision.”

Regional VP SalesAllot