About Market Mettle

Formed in 2007, we are the most respected and authoritative source for intelligence, insight and considered opinion about what’s happening in and around tier-1 global telcos headquartered in EMEA.

We release digital reports and online each month, providing the richest and deepest knowledge into the largest telecom operators and their ecosystems. Our coverage extends to every aspect of the players we study, whether deals, operations, people, finance, commercial, technology, geographic, competitive or strategic.

Our compelling and high-value benchmark outputs are highly rated by thousands of users up to the top executive levels at operators and suppliers across the multi-trillion dollar global telecoms industry, giving the largest and most engaged premium industry user base within these ecosystems.

Our Head Office is near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, UK, with team members distributed internationally.

Open positions

We are currently seeking candidates in the areas of editorial (senior and junior), research (primary and secondary), content creation, digital (production and delivery) and commercial (business development and marketing).

Do feel welcome to submit a general application (we are always open to hearing from promising candidates.)