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Frequently Asked Questions

Formal tax invoice(s) to expense? (Sales Tax?)

Formal tax invoices are issued automatically for every payment, and can also be downloaded from a portal, making easy to expense. You can also request a copy.

  • VAT (Value-Added or Sales Tax, ALV, DPH, IVA, Moms, TVA, etc.) is typically only applied when bought from the UK (or otherwise within the EU where registration number not supplied). This is handled automatically when you buy online, based on your details. Prices shown exclude sales tax.

Multiple services?

Once you’ve bought your first service, you’ll have access to an online account where you can add and change Workgroup Licences. Contact us if you have larger team, enterprise or other requirements. You can save money in return for longer commitment.

Need a proposal?

Please contact Client Service for assistance if you require a proposal, or need a bespoke package — client.services@marketmettle.com / +442071830111.

Different question...

Please contact Client Service with further questions or for help — client.services@marketmettle.com / +442071830111.