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13-emc I see Market Mettle as the leader in the consolidation of the mass of information about global telco organisations into concise and useful and targeted management information. Gaining information on companies is easy (just Google them or get news feeds), however to pick through the important bits is the art. Market Mettle have this “art” packaged into a process that is outputed every month in the Watch publications.

Senior Director Communication Service Providers (Telecoms), EMC

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Tim Lamb

Tim Lamb

Client Director at Market Mettle, Co-founder

With a background in analytics and primary competitor research and analysis, Tim co-founded Market Mettle on the realisation that there is more value and opportunity prioritising intelligence to really understand your customer organisations and their markets, than by looking back over your shoulder at competitors. He works very closely to help the hungriest and most successful global account teams.

Alex Birkhead

Alex Birkhead

Executive Analyst at Market Mettle, Co-founder

Alex has been pioneering organisational intelligence services from even before the internet exploded information overload. He started in this area in the 1990s, when he built and delivered a ground-breaking tailored intelligence service for each of the 150+ key accounts of the UK’s Royal Mail.