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Warrick Cramer

  • Tomorrow Street is a partnership between Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) and the Luxembourg government’s business incubator to identify and on-board mature startups.
  • Arch Summit, held in Luxembourg in May 2018, focused on startups but also featured the annual Supplier Awards (at which Huawei was a double winner), and many strategic supplier-sponsors.
  • Attended by around 60 core Vodafone supplier partners and 200 startups and scale‑ups, as well as numerous other supplier, advisory, supply chain, and investment stakeholders.

Vodafone used the event to tell its suppliers that it wants them to have a far better understanding of what it needs, rather than simply seeking to sell upgrades to existing systems and off-the-shelf products.

Through Tomorrow Street, Vodafone aims to increase its innovation via its supply chain, including changing supplier relationships from transactional to collaborative partnerships and ecosystems.

According to Warrick Cramer, head of Tomorrow Street, Vodafone’s large suppliers are enthusiastic about Tomorrow Street’s approach. He stressed that, “from our point of view, this changes our relationship with suppliers — you tend to have different discussions with them when you’re taking this approach”.

Of course, this not a one-way street, as Wilson made clear during his own presentation at Arch Summit: “the stark reality is that we need our partners, and are rethinking how we run innovation in Vodafone”.

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Image: Tomorrow Street / YouTube