Vodafone’s 2017/18 Supplier Awards were confirmed tonight in Luxembourg with great hullabaloo, led by Vodafone’s Group Procurement Director (and Vodafone Procurement Company, VPC CEO) Ninian Wilson, at the evening event of day one of the 3-4 May 2018 VPC-Technoport JV Tomorrow Street’s Arch Summit.

Vodafone Supplier Awards 2017/18 winners

The winners of the genuinely much-coveted Awards are:

  • Huawei (Supplier of the Decade — everyone’s dead-cert, no doubt!).
  • WPP (Supplier of the Year — controversial, for sure…).
  • Nokia (Health & Safety).
  • Dell EMC (Sustainable Supply Chain).
  • Gemalto (Outstanding Quality & Delivery).
  • Huawei, again (Best Account Management Team).
  • SERCOMM (Contribution to CXX).
  • HRG (Outstanding Quality & Deliverytravel management specialists, for those not in the know).

VPC: tenth anniversary special

The Awards ceremony celebrated VPC’s tenth anniversary (hence the Special Award for Huawei), with many incumbent and challenger suppliers pulling out every stop to impress and make their presence felt amongst the hundreds of startups competing at Arch Summit.

The evening also marks Ninian Wilson’s second year holding the top executive role at VPC, having taken over in April 2016 from Detlef Schultz (now VPC’s non-executive Chairman).

By Vodafonewatch’s reckoning, there have never been this many Awards before, with eight; most years, just five. Not the first time that Huawei has bagged two, though (it did the double in 2012/13, as well) but no-one else.

Verv bags €150k Disruptive Startup Prize

UPDATE, Friday 4 May 2018:

London-based Verv won the €150k Disruptive Startup Prize on Day 2 of the Arch Summit with a powerful pitch.

  • Verv’s ‘energy assistant’ smart hub probes the power supply, and applies AI and machine-learning to identify individual plugged-in appliances, to provide insight into activity, e.g. to manage usage, economise, or remind to turn-off!
  • There is intriguing peer-to-peer energy trading play being developed, with a blockchain aspect. All hot areas ticked!?

F1 surprise visit

More exclusive Vodafonewatch coverage of the Arch Summit at http://bit.ly/2HNsufh

The surprise special guest was F1 driver Susie Wolff, raising the intriguing (but very possibly misleading) and conceivably compelling prospect of a return to F1 sponsorship as a global brand initiative by Vodafone. To fuel the F1 conspiracies, Ms Wolff is married to Mercedes F1 team boss (and former Williams F1 shareholder) Toto Wolff, and F1 now the property of Liberty Media (an associate of Liberty Global with which Vodafone is on-off-on negotiating strategic asset sales or swaps).

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