Access intelligence and insight into Vodafone’s global ecosystem

Vodafonewatch is a unique resource that gives access to in-depth, authoritative and comprehensive intelligence, analysis and insight into key aspects of Vodafone Group that are strategically critical.

Market Mettle helps businesses vested in Vodafone to better understand the Group’s complex inner workings to enhance their relationship as vendor and partner. We supply sales intelligence services that inform our B2B clients about what’s happening in and around their largest and most important customer accounts. We are employed by account management teams to help them manage, defend and nurture their strategic business relationships, by giving them knowledge advantage.

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What is covered?

Anything and everything to do with Vodafone and its international ecosystem that is strategic, innovative or of other interest and importance to a vested stakeholder.

Vodafonewatch comprehensively analyses the ins and outs of Vodafone, mapping it across the global telco industry landscape to present and maintain a complete picture.

Vodafonewatch is an invaluable tool to Vodafone employees, vested suppliers and partners alike – for those who are motivated to best understand the dynamics of the Group, in order to build their business (and careers) based on the powerful insights delivered in our reports.

How do we do it?

Our Watch services are unique in both approach and output, with no other available resource getting remotely as close to covering all key aspects of Vodafone’s local, regional and international ecosystem.

We track and map Vodafone’s structure, strategy, operations, and much more, worldwide. Market Mettle’s Vodafonewatch commercial analyst team finds, captures, filters, interprets and communicates everything of note that is happening inside and around Vodafone. Our intelligence and analysis is mapped against Vodafone’s position, operations, marketing and strategic goals.

Commercial Activity

Disruption and Innovation

Vendor Relationships


Strategic Alliances

Organisation Structure

People Movements

Competitive Environments

Financial Performance

Group Functions

Technology Development

Mergers and Acquisitions


Operations and Regulations

Who uses our services?

Top execs, global vendors, major account teams, telcos themselves…

Our reports are a must-have for anyone strategically engaged with Vodafone, and they are read across the company itself – including the Board – delivering value to anyone with a vested interest in Vodafone, from a supplier, internal or competitive standpoint. Vodafonewatch helps businesses who have ambition and value knowledge and insights to advance faster.

Vodafonewatch is essential reading for individuals, teams and organisations looking to create, maintain, develop and extend long-term relationships with clients across Vodafone Group. The service is popular with:

  • Thousands of end-users within Vodafone itself — right up to CxO and board levels.
  • Vodafone’s very top, incumbent suppliers — including ‘Suppliers of the Year’.
  • Businesses and Managers looking to open and build lasting relationships with Vodafone.
  • Strategic-oriented strategic account relationship teams.

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We use the Watch publications to update the Global Account teams on what are the current trends and activities of the customers, but also to leverage our brand awareness through our sponsorship of the publications.

Global Client Director - Vodafone, EMC

Frequently Asked Questions


How many reports are released per year?

Twelve monthly reports per year, with double issues typically in January/February and August/September that each count as two reports.


How will I receive the reports?

Once your registration is processed, you will receive your own personal copy of each report direct to your inbox.


What is the pricing policy?

Pricing varies depending on your account team size. Standard licence costs £5,000 annually for a medium size team. More details can be viewed here.


Do I need to buy individual licenses for all team members?

No. If you register as an account team, you are required to buy only one licence. We offer unlimited user access within an account team.


How do I add team members to receive the reports?

When setting up your account, we will ask for a list of all users who require access. You can also add more users later ‒ just get in touch with your key contact.


Sample content from Vodafonewatch

HiWEB deal takes Vodafone to Iran

Vodafone's Partner Markets federation expanded its reach into Iran for the first time by linking up with HiWEB, a local wireline and mobile service provider. The deal -- stressed as a “non-equity” arrangement by Vodafone -- will see HiWEB provide local support to...

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Vodafone has Brazilian options up sleeve

Vodafone holds options to take a stake in Brazilian Internet of Things (IoT) partner Datora Mobile Telecomunicacoes, a brief note in the Group's latest Annual Report reveals. The recently-released Report, for the year to 31 March 2016, flags that a Call Option...

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Vodafone Group Enterprise launches CX overhaul

An increased focus on customer experience (CX) emerged from within Vodafone's Group Enterprise division, as the operator seeks to protect an enterprise sales stream that is now back in growth (rising 2.1%, to £10bn, during April 2015-March 2016/FY15-16), and...

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Strategy & Commercial boss Bertoluzzo returns to Italy

Paolo Bertoluzzo, Group Chief Commercial Operations & Strategy Officer at Vodafone, is to leave the operator on 8 July 2016, and take on the Group Chief Executive (CEO) position at Italian banking services provider Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari (ICBPI)....

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