Access in-depth knowledge and analysis and unravel Telefónica’s complex ecosystem.

Telefónicawatch is a one-of-a-kind, feature-rich resource that provides access to detailed analysis, comprehensive intelligence and impartial perspective into the key workings of Telefónica. It is vital for organisations looking to develop lasting relationships, helping to understand and focus on Telefónica’s inner workings.

Telefónicawatch is used by top executives within Telefónica, who have consistently highlighted that our intelligence provides more valuable insight than their own internal communications. Our analysts gather intelligence that informs our clients about what’s happening in and around their largest and most important customer and partner relationships. The reports help clients manage, defend and nurture their strategic relationships, giving them the knowledge advantage.

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What is covered?

Telefónica is in a period of significant transformation. Change in management, corporate restructuring, deals and mergers, as well as a comprehensive overhaul of the underlying technology and infrastructure – there is rapid development taking place and it becomes difficult to keep track. Telefónicawatch is an invaluable tool for anyone for whom Telefónica is critical to their business, personal and long-term strategic growth. We provide:

  • Consolidated outlook — our analysts gather vital information from sources in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and other languages to provide the complete picture of Telefónica’s complex landscape.
  • Reliable and authentic insights — Latin America has become a new centre of gravity for Telefónica, and is now often a test bed for new services and global partnerships. We take a clear-eyed view of the activity, threats and expectations surrounding Telefónica to identify emerging trends.
  • Encapsulation of opportunities — enabling the understanding of Telefónica requirements and ecosystem required for vendors to become trusted partners.
  • Expert opinion — our international team collaborates to make sense of complicated local political, commercial and regulatory circumstances throughout Telefónica’s global footprint and ecosystem.

How do we do it?

Market Mettle covers all strategically critical aspects of Telefónica, be it internal changes, mergers and acquisitions, people movements or technological advancements. Our Watch reports are unique in both approach and output, consolidating mass information about Telefónica, gathered from a variety of authentic and reliable English and Spanish sources into concise and manageable information targets.

Our commercial analyst team works directly with international sources to bring a bigger and more consolidated view of not only Telefónica, but also the markets where it operates in Latin America, Europe, and beyond. Our reports provide analysis and insights that help vendors tune into Telefónica requirements and become trusted partners.

Commercial Activity

Disruption and Innovation

Vendor Relationships

Strategic Alliances

Organisation Structure

People Movements

Competitive Environments

Financial Performance

Group Functions

Technology Development

Mergers and Acquisitions

Operations and Regulations

Who uses our services?

Top execs, global vendors, major account teams, telcos themselves…

Our reports are a must-have for anyone strategically engaged with Telefónica, delivering value where Telefónica matters from a supplier, internal or competitive standpoint. Anyone who has ambition, values knowledge and can leverage insight can use them to achieve more and advance faster.

Telefónicawatch is essential reading for individuals, teams and organisations looking to create, maintain, develop and extend long-term relationships with clients across Telefónica. The service is popular with:

  • Thousands of end users within Telefónica itself – right up to CxO and board levels.
  • Telefónica’s top incumbent suppliers.
  • Business and account managers looking to open and build lasting relationships with Telefónica.
  • Strategic account relationship teams.

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Dealing with global operators is complex, and being updated of what is happening in all their dimensions is a huge challenge. These reports provide comprehensive and objective insights, and news of these large customers covering many areas that is not part of our personal direct relationships with the customer. Telefónicawatch reports are therefore a must in order to fully understand the customer and to sustain the proper level of knowledge required by the dynamics and complexity of the telecom ecosystem.

Global Account Director - Telefonica Group, Nokia

Frequently Asked Questions


How many reports are released per year?

Twelve monthly reports per year, with double issues typically in January/February and August/September that each count as two reports.


How will I receive the reports?

Once your registration is processed, you will receive your own personal copy of each report direct to your inbox.


What is the pricing policy?

Pricing varies depending on your account team size. Standard licence costs £5,000 annually for a medium size team. More details can be viewed here.


Do I need to buy individual licenses for all team members?

No. If you register as an account team, you are required to buy only one licence. We offer unlimited user access within an account team.


How do I add team members to receive the reports?

When setting up your account, we will ask for a list of all users who require access. You can also add more users later ‒ just get in touch with your key contact.


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