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Operations and Regulations

Sample content from Telefonicawatch

Telefónica’s next phase of transformation: make digital pay

José-María Álvarez-Pallete, Telefónica Group Executive Chairman, led the telco’s latest Encuentro internal strategy presentation in late-November 2018, and urged the assembled managers and other staff viewing online to take the next steps in progressing the ongoing digital transformation programme.

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Telefónica insurance firm sale kicks off latest round of debt reduction

Telefónica divested itself of a non-strategic business, through the sale of its insurance company Antares to Grupo Catalana Occidente for EUR161m. Antares principally provides personal insurance services to Telefónica Group employees and its new owner will manage Telefónica Group policies for the next decade.

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Telefónica, Huawei get pally on President Xi’s Spain trip

A state visit by China to Spain, which brought together China’s President Xi Jinping and Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for talks on promoting business ties between the two countries, saw Telefónica Group proclaimed (again) as a close ally of Huawei Technologies, which is increasingly under fire over security matters.

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Dealing with global operators is complex, and being updated of what is happening in all their dimensions is a huge challenge. These reports provide comprehensive and objective insights, and news of these large customers covering many areas that is not part of our personal direct relationships with the customer. Telefónicawatch reports are therefore a must in order to fully understand the customer and to sustain the proper level of knowledge required by the dynamics and complexity of the telecom ecosystem.

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