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Sample content from Telefonicawatch

Telefónica Group: Blanco on industrialised fibre as networks become more complex

Enrique Blanco, Global Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) at Telefónica Group, discussed Telefónica’s achievements and expectations in relation to fibre services at the FTTH Council’s FTTH Conference held in the Netherlands in March 2019. Telefónica Group trumpeted the replicability of its Spanish fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) rollout, as it claimed European leadership.

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Telefónica Group: Lopez on the edge as Telefónica aims to tame complexity

Patrick Lopez, Vice-President of Network Innovation for Telefónica Group, participated in a panel on the potential merits of edge compute technology in network infrastructure at the FutureNet World event in London at the end of March 2019. With a fibre foundation topped with a virtualised network, Telefónica is aiming to create flexible services that adapt to customer needs.

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Telefónica|Vivo partners McAfee on mobile security app

Telefónica|Vivo launched a mobile security application in partnership with cybersecurity specialist McAfee, with the aim of providing greater protection for computers, smartphones, and tablets, and improving the performance of mobile devices.

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Telefónica Group: O2 UK extends Netcracker BSS/OSS deal

NEC Corporation’s Netcracker Technology arm highlighted an agreement with Telefónica UK (O2 UK) that will see the vendor’s end-to-end business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) platform integrated into O2’s customer-facing and back-office systems.

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Dealing with global operators is complex, and being updated of what is happening in all their dimensions is a huge challenge. These reports provide comprehensive and objective insights, and news of these large customers covering many areas that is not part of our personal direct relationships with the customer. Telefónicawatch reports are therefore a must in order to fully understand the customer and to sustain the proper level of knowledge required by the dynamics and complexity of the telecom ecosystem.

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