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Sample content from Deutsche Telekomwatch

Deutsche Telekom sharpens 5G edge with Aricent

Deutsche Telekom and US-based Aricent announced the creation of an Open Source Edge software framework. It is designed especially for developers, as well as PaaS and cloud-native, multi-access edge computing technologies. The goal is to intersect with the deployment of 5G-enabled network edge facilities targeted at delivering ultra-low latency network applications.

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Deutsche Telekom’s over-the-top EntertainTV offering resurfaces

Telekom Deutschland (TDE) further enhanced its EntertainTV service with a focus on attracting subscribers from previously untapped market segments. From October 2018, TDE will offer an over-the-top (OTT) version of the television service using Android and iOS applications, meaning that the offering will be decoupled from the traditional TV experience and become accessible on most mobile devices.

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Deutsche Telekom makes fresh cuts in UK

Deutsche Telekom UK (DTUK), the Group’s outlying internal service provider, emphasised the margin pressures facing its European-based subsidiaries by making yet another round of staff cutbacks as the Group continues to trim – but not erase – its operational presence in the UK.

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Deutsche Telekom joins Linux fold

Deutsche Telekom (DT) ramped up industry support for open source network software by formalising ties with the Linux movement. DT Group joins a vanguard of operator efforts to steer suppliers towards cloud-native architecture.

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