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Sample content from BTwatch

BT Group: MBNL extends Ericsson network development role, again

Ericsson highlighted a two‑year contract extension with MBNL, the network-sharing joint venture (JV) supporting infrastructure for EE and Three UK, which will see the vendor deliver design, plan, and deployment project support. The second contract extension within nine months sees Ericsson ensconced as an experience‑centric MBNL support player until mid‑2020.

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BT talks up Cisco partnership for Americas and beyond

BT took the opportunity to promote the hoped-for benefits of its asset-lite strategy (BTwatch, #297 and #287) while announcing its extended global managed services built on Cisco System’s software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). BT’s promotion of SD‑WAN closely links its fortunes to those of Cisco.

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BT Group: Headcount data underlines need for Global Services change

Included in the new BT Group KPIs is a breakdown of employees at each division (measured on a full time equivalency (FTE) basis). Considering these numbers in relation to the associated BT division’s revenue and
EBITDA‑level profit to generate a chart on per capita performance provides some insight into the nature of the work undertaken across the Group.

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BT has three more blockchain patents pending

BT interests in security and innovation coincide as the Group aims to make a mark in blockchain technology. BT Group moved a little closer to adding three more blockchain patents to the one it was awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in October 2017 (BTwatch #297 and #284), with the USPTO publication of three more applications from the operator, which, like the patent BT already holds, were submitted in July 2016.

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I find BT watch significantly valuable in informing me and my team of the insights of BT as an organisation. BT is a large organisation, with varied units with their own strategy and market events affecting individual units in a different way. The Market Mettle team does a great job in researching individual units, their approach, strategy, financial outlook and impact of market trends and events affecting BT, then encapsulating these in an overall report and providing a reasonably good level of input on a regular basis. It has been an essential tool in the past for us keeping us informed, as BT has been a strategic account of Mastek.

Director – Strategic Partnerships, Mastek

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