Market Mettle’s Commercial Intelligence and Insight helps thousands of executives understand, nurture, develop and defend their most important strategic relationships and revenue streams, whether they work inside, sell to, sell with or through the world’s top telco groups.

Market Mettle is an independent Commercial Analyst firm. Our insight is comprehensive, authoritative and focused on tier-1 telco organisations and their ecosystems where relationships are strategically critical, such as customer, supplier, alliance, competitor, and even internal networking.

If you want advantage

Our strategic account intelligence services help people and companies to better align solutions to key strategic needs and challenges. Our insight is so unique that we even inform and enlighten the leadership and board level community within the organisations we analyse (although our services were initially built for and with the key strategic suppliers; to help them develop, protect and build business, including collaborating better within their account teams). We provide by far the best tools to support vendor activity and engagement.

Our methodology

We build our insights on our deep, granular research, and objective human, academic-oriented analysis. We find, collect, rank, cross-verify and analyse all the intelligence so you don’t have to. This enables you to efficiently understand, develop, advance and defend your business (and career!), whether you work with, sell to, sell with, sell through, or otherwise derive a living from these organisations. Our insight is so good that many thousands of end-users inside the organisations we analyse rate us better, fairer and faster than their own internal information channels.

13-emc I see Market Mettle as the leader in the consolidation of the mass of information about global telco organisations into concise and useful and targeted management information. Gaining information on companies is easy (just Google them or get news feeds), however to pick through the important bits is the art. Market Mettle have this “art” packaged into a process that is outputed every month in the Watch publications.

Senior Director Communication Service Providers (Telecoms), EMC

Watch Reports

Strategic Account Insight. Highly rated, authoritative, focused insight. Used by thousands of executives worldwide. Endorsed by telco execs who rate it better than their own internal information. The only common denominator across top-performing client teams. Helping you manage, develop and defend your critical engagements.

Sponsored Reports

Secure sponsor rights to the only quality channel straight to the heart of your account. We support B2B relationship marketing at strategic account scale. We have the only real targeted, opted-in audience of thousands inside the largest telco groups. This is made available exclusively to a small group of reputable, non-competitive sponsor vendors.

Custom Work

Strategic account teams commission us to support a range of activities. Examples include planning and strategy workshops, joining off-sites, analyst calls, white papers, curated content, special reports, pursuit programmes, briefing packs, etc.

Why Us?

Our ongoing syndicated services are unbeatable resources for programmes managing strategic customers and suppliers, including strategic buying and selling, and account relationship marketing. We also provide customer workshops and marketing channels for clients. Customers include leading incumbent and challenger players in major categories, and other key stakeholders.

  • Unique expertise and portfolio, delivering gold standard for major account intelligence.
  • Provides 360⁰ strategic account management view on organisations covered.
  • Uncover and dive into areas of operational and tactical importance.
  • Unmatched intelligence in terms of scope, quality of surveillance, synthesis, analysis, insights and client deliverables.

Formed in 2007, with the aim of delivering syndicated services for programmes managing strategic customers and suppliers, including strategic buying and selling, and relationship marketing, Market Mettle is a specialist telecoms and technology customer intelligence boutique that has grown through recommendation and repeat business. Market Mettle’s principals have been pioneering major account intelligence for around twenty years, dedicated to helping client teams, defining and refining highly efficient and effective methodology and process, with costs amortised across a prestigious and discerning industry client base. Market Mettle is unique in focusing on individual strategic accounts, and unusual in serving global account teams and focusing on satisfying the needs of all end-users. This contrasts with much market research that is bought centrally, utilised by a tiny user base, and costs significantly more per output (and far more per end-user).


Tim Lamb

Tim Lamb

Client Director at Market Mettle, Co-founder

With a background in analytics and primary competitor research and analysis, Tim co-founded Market Mettle on the realisation that there is more value and opportunity prioritising intelligence to really understand your customer organisations and their markets, than by looking back over your shoulder at competitors. He works very closely to help the hungriest and most successful global account teams.

Alex Birkhead

Alex Birkhead

Executive Analyst at Market Mettle, Co-founder

Alex has been pioneering organisational intelligence services from even before the internet exploded information overload. He started in this area in the 1990s, when he built and delivered a ground-breaking tailored intelligence service for each of the 150+ key accounts of the UK’s Royal Mail.